Selby Street Wall Rectification

Following a site inspection, our Infrastructure Maintenance Team identified that a retaining wall was damaged due to overgrown vegetation in the cavity of brick leaves. The section of the trackside facing wall also showed considerable disintegration. This posed a risk of dislodging and falling onto the lineside if left unaddressed, especially when subjected to severe wind loads.  

Scope of the works

Works included the setup of a Safe System for access and reconstruction of the damaged large section of wall. CCS engineering Teams developed specifications for the access platform, and reconstruction of the brick work in accordance with Network Rail Guidelines. The aim was to extend the design life of the assets and eliminate risk of damage to adjacent structures.

  • The Railway was to be kept operational with no disruption during Demolition and Reconstruction Phases.

  • Access via a large trackside scaffold platform o was not permissible during Operational Hours. Programme would have been lengthened if the works had been planned with line blocks or possessions during non-operational hours, and this would also have caused nuisance for residents.




Rail for London


East London Line (Selby Street)

Contract Start and Completion

May 2020 - July 2020


Our Project Team devised a design solution which mitigated all perceived concerns. The access platform was designed with buttress supports but the entrance to the working zone was placed via Selby Street from secured closed box stairs. This arrangement segregated the worksite from Main Line and Rail Operations. This also allowed CCS to undertake the work during normal working hours. A CDM complied site setup with hoarding, reduced the safety risk and ensured that the work was delivered in a safe environment.

Benefits / Project Outcome
  • The project was completed on time and on budget. It gave confidence to the client and CCS project team took away a valuable experience which will be beneficial to similar future schemes.

  • This scheme not only fulfilled the sustainability criteria both from the perspective of economy and budgeting but also provided benefits to the end user and neighbour properties. Keeping rail infrastructure safe and enhancing its design life made this scheme another success story.