Total Purchased Services​

The TPS contracts provided maintenance services to track, fleet, stations, and civil structures on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria Lines and the Subsurface Levels. The TPS 4A Contract specifically delivered top-up track labour with added flexibility for the Jubilee Northern and Piccadilly Lines and TfL Projects to use the contracts for packages of work. The TPS contracts were let with an option to extend the agreement from five to seven years.


There were five lots available for this framework, Cleshar bid for and were successful with:

  • Lot 4A - Track Labour Supply – Framework Agreement for Maintenance Activities, Small Plant Hire and Road Rail Plant at the Infraco’s Stations, Depots and Premises.

  • Lot 2B - Agreement for Additional Ad-Hoc Services: Vegetation, Fencing, Agricultural Works, Pest Control, Station and Depot Cleaning. 

Our strategic vision for this framework was to deliver a high quality service in partnership with LUL, to meet and exceed the ambitions and challenges laid down in the contract requirements. Our delivery strategy, paid particular attention to the importance of meeting the capacity and quality of resources anticipated and in addition, the depth in reserve needed to meet peaks and unforeseen demands.

Following the successful delivery of a five year programme of infrastructure improvements across the London Underground network, Cleshar was awarded a further two year extension.


​Part of our winning strategy was our Mobilisation Plan, based on working collaboratively with TfL to create an integrated team, jointly agreeing aims and objectives with the common goal of delivering the framework successfully.


Our success on this framework was due to our talented, competent and skilled workforce who have years of experiences working on the railway infrastructure.  We had the right people with the right skills at the right time.




Transport for London

Project Value

Circa £300 Million

Contract Start and Completion

2010 - 2016