Protecting track-side wildlife

Protected species are a major focus of environmental concern and Cleshar are proud to be actively promoting the protection of London wildlife.

As part of Cleshar’s commitment to the London Bio diversity plan, we have undertaken several key initiatives in collaboration with London Underground (LU) AP/JNP lines to help protect track-side wild life. Cleshar teams have installed over 200 bird nesting boxes on Piccadilly and Northern lines, to mitigate any loss of habitat through vegetation works.

Our in-house ecologist is a qualified bat surveyor and is working alongside the bat conservation trust. This has led to the installation of 40 bat boxes along sites on Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly lines. These were installed in common bat breeding areas to support species expansion.

In grassland areas in Colindale and Stanmore, Cleshar staff have installed six Raptor boxes to support the Sparrow hawk population. Staff are aware of the importance of maintaining log stacks and brash piles for small mammals and invertebrates to successfully breed and reside.

Cleshar are constantly looking at new initiatives to enhance species habitats and attract track-side wildlife to the infrastructure. We look forward to continue working closely alongside local schools, authorities, conservation groups and clients.

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