Cleshar Demonstrates New Forst Woodchipper

On Thursday 9th February Cleshar's Vegetation team completed a demo of a commercial Forst Woodchipper at Crescent Road, on the Mill Hill East Branch of the Northern Line.

Forst Woodchipper for LUL/APJNP

The use of the Woodchipper will promote the relationship with LUL/APJNP. The demonstration of the machinery was a success.

Operative using Forst Woodchipper

The Forst XR8 Traxion Embankment Woodchipper has an anti stress control, auto intelligence system, remote grease bank to all bearings, direct drive twin pump tracking and touch pad controls for added safety. It will be used on Vegetation Contract 757. The machine was purchased by London Underground for Cleshar operatives to use on their behalf.

Vegetation operatives cut branches and feed it to the machine which reduces into smaller wood chips.

Forst XR8 Traxion Embankment Woodchipper used by Cleshar

To improve sustainability and maintain Cleshar's stance on 'Environmental Standards', the wood chippings are left on site.

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