Oakwood Station

London Underground identified the bridge and gantry located at Oakwood station were in need of repair due to extensive weathering of the existing steel framework. Prolonged exposure to the elements had resulted in the rusting and fragmenting of the steelwork contained within the bridge and adjoining gantry.

Working as principal contractor, the works involved removing the existing paint back to the surface and applying three coats of approved steel paint.

One section of the works took place on the bridge structure above the main roads of the Piccadilly Line and were carried out during engineering hours while works on another section above the depot’s access roads were completed during depot road possessions.


Oakwood is a London Underground station on the Piccadilly Line that is steeped in history. As one of the oldest stations in London, it is consistently being upgraded to allow for an ever-changing and demanding climate within our national rail infrastructure. The station underwent a major refurbishment in early October 2006 to December 2007 as part of London Underground's £10 billion upgrade to the whole of the network.


As part of this, a new lift was installed to provide step-free access to the platforms. The public address system was also improved, with new information indicators installed on the platforms and inside the ticket hall. In addition, 27 new CCTV cameras were installed in the station.

Cleshar was appointed in October 2017 to complete these latest works on the existing bridge and gantry steelwork.




London Underground

Project Value


Contract Start and Completion

October 2017 - July 2018

Scope of the works
  • Remove all vegetation from behind the retaining wall to provide access to the structure.

  • Prepare the 7m of the gantry, removing all the existing protective coatings to substrate and repainting the gantry in with three coats of an approved paint.

  • Fabricate and install compliant access handrail steps to the westbound side of the gantry.

  • Install galvanised steel grill plates (6 no.)

  • Carry out remedial works to water/corrosion traps and steel work repairs

  • Install four new asset plates to structure, two for the bridge and two for gantry, on both the south and north abutments to demarcate the two structures.

  • Prepare steelwork and paint the entire bridge structure.


The painting of the steel structures required the use of ultra-fine gauge mesh sheets. The purpose of these sheets was to: 

  • Gather all the paint deposits that remained after the steelwork was stripped back.

  • Provide protection for those working on the aluminium towers.

  • Prohibit working materials and tools from fouling the track.


Once the works were completed on site, the sheets were removed and disposed of safely.