Manningtree Station Lift Shafts

Project Overview


Cleshar designed and built two new lifts and provided step free access to two island platforms. The scheme comprised the integration and delivery of Civil and M&E works, and the prefabrication and installation of lift shafts and associated structures.


We undertook an initial design based on client requirements, performance specifications, Network Rail standards and concept drawings which were provided by the customer’s own designers. The project was delivered within budget and a critical deadline of the possession date was met.

Scope of work

  • The installation of step free access to all the platforms

  • The design, construction, and installation of machine rooms, and two lift shafts, one of which would be located on the island platform.

  • The design, and construction of connecting passageways, lift enclosures and machine rooms.

  • The relocation of a lift shaft 4.5m from the subway to accommodate a storm water culvert.

  • The construction of a connecting passageway into the subway

  • The completion of works while the station remained fully operational with no restrictions on rail traffic.

  • The completion of works with only a single possession date made available to lift in prefabricated superstructure elements. 


The lift shafts – which were prefabricated off site and lowered into place on site using a crane - were installed by sinking from platform level and was jump-formed in three segments to avoid overhead power lines. The main lift opening into the shaft was pre-formed.

Continuity reinforcement was pre-installed into the shaft wall for subsequent mating with the passageway’s walls. The passageways were constructed in an open excavation formed by dig-and-push sheet piling and propping. The walls were formed incrementally using a complex system of propping which allowed the walls to be constructed with full propping across the excavation to be always maintained. In addition, the walls were only 2m from the platform edge and a fully operational high-speed track bed.

We used hi-spec waterproof concrete to remove the requirement for secondary lining and to accelerate construction speed.

Benefits / Project Outcome
  • The success of the scheme was due to the collaboration between the stakeholders, client, designer, and contractor as well as a clear scope and a proactive attitude demonstrated by all.

  • All issues were addressed and dealt with immediately, ensuring programme and budget targets were met.

  • Overall, the project was a success with Abellio Greater Anglia providing a more fluid service for their daily commuters.




Abellio Greater Anglia


Project Value



Programme Dates

May 2015 – June 2016