Infrastructure Training Services (ITS)


The company specialises in London Underground, Network Rail and welding safety and skills training.



We have well-equipped training facilities in London and the Home Counties, and for certain courses we are able to deliver these in customers' own environments.



We are dedicated to excellence and committed to providing training to the highest standards.


We provide;

  • Out-based training

  • 13 experienced trainers

  • Competitive rates

Through our dedication to provide excellent educational opportunities, we enhance our customers' performance by delivering their training needs. We offer 24/7 delivery capability to align with our customers' operations.


With ITS you also have the advantage of being able to book all your training requirements months in advance. Programmes specifically tailored to your training needs are available on request.

We are formally endorsed and recognised by industry bodies, reflecting our focus on quality and accountability.

ITS is accredited by London Underground Limited to deliver a broad range of track safety training courses. We have skilled trainers who have over 80 years of experience between them.

In addition, we are accredited by NSAR and RISQS to provide Network Rail training. Our trainers have a combined total of more than 100 years of track and training experience.

Our welding training centre is accredited by the Training and Welding Institute (TWI) and is supervised by a team of trainers who between them have more than 100 years' experience in this specialist field.

ITS works with a number of major customers that include Network Rail, London Underground Limited, Tube Lines, Transport for London, Train Operating Companies and Docklands Light Railway.We have also trained many other franchisees, suppliers and specialist subcontractors.

ITS continuously adapts and develops in order to deliver the latest in professional training. ITS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CCS Group Ltd.


Infrastructure Training Services (ITS) is a leading rail training and assessment provider and a valued partner for national organisations including Network Rail, London Underground Limited, Docklands Light Rail and Transport for London.

At ITS we understand our customers. Our rail expertise ensures we provide effective, professional training to develop multi-skilled, competent managers and operatives, improving skills and knowledge to promote high standards of professionalism throughout the industry.




Our Mission, Vision & Values


  • A flexible and dynamic provider of safety, track, construction and welding training within the industry.



  • To be a key supplier to our customers, respected as a primary provider of training services in the rail and construction sector.



  • We pride ourselves on our 'can do, will do, want to do’ approach. Our principles are built on honesty, an open attitude and shared respect, earned through loyalty and integrity.