ISMS Renewals - Phase 1

Project Overview


Cleshar were successful in tendering for the Integrated Station Management System (ISMS) renewal programme as the Principal Designer and Contractor. The old System was not fit to meet the operational needs of Rail for London or Arriva Rail London: The Station Facilities Operator (SFO). The renewal was also driven by the need for new Station Information and Surveillance Systems (SISS), to replace obsolete equipment, and to introduce a new Alarms Management approach.

Scope of work

  • De-couple associated SISS sub-systems from the existing ISMS, to enable them to operate from independent, proprietary platforms using Commercial-Off-The Shelf (COTS) equipment to reduce 3rd-party interfaces and allow the sub-systems to be run more efficiently.

  • Replace individual SISS components and field equipment with modern technologies that increased overall system resilience. Individual systems affected were:

    • Customer Information Systems (Audio).

    • Customer Information Systems (Visual).

    • Closed Circuit Television [CCTV].

    • Passenger Help Points [PHP]

  • Carry out modification works at 10no. stations on the ELL Core Route (within Comms. Equipment Rooms and Ticket Offices) and at the New Cross Gate Operational Building Complex (NGX-OBC) - the primary location for control and monitoring for ELL Retail Telecoms.

  • Modify the Local Area Network (LAN) to facilitate these changes including configuring software, and introducing new network hardware (i.e., servers, network switches between Dalston Junction and Surrey Quays).


Working with the Sponsor and End Users, a new Alarms Management approach was identified which achieved significant rationalisation (≈20% reduction) of SISS related alarms being presented to ARL Customer Service Controllers (CSC) at the Operational Control Centre. This enabled a 50% reduction in the number of ARL CSC staff having to be deployed to monitor/respond and generated financial efficiencies without impacting safe operations. We also eliminated the need for new CCTV field equipment at Canada Water by working with London Underground (LU) colleagues to obtain access to local camera feeds, at minimal cost.

Benefits / Project Outcome

The works were delivered a month early and within budget. Specific benefits delivered under Phase 1 also include the following:

  • New passenger information displays i.e. Next Train, Next Departure were introduced that were compliant with underground Fire Precaution Regulations. The existing units did not reflect recent changes to fire standards.

  • New Public Announcement (PA) system components were also introduced to enable compliance with EN54 ‘Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems’.

  • We introduced next generation GE800 Range Passenger Help Point equipment with enhanced features compared to their predecessors. These features enabled multiple comms functions (i.e., intercom, video, information, and control) to be managed within a single system.

  • The works allowed significant reduction of maintenance costs for the asset owner, as individual SISS systems were now de-coupled from a single, proprietary ISMS system.

  • The works generated a volume of critical spares (via recoveries) which could be used on other LO routes.

  • A significant proportion of operational and safety risks were mitigated when obsolete equipment was replaced.

  • We streamlined the fault reporting process and cleared numerous long-standing, systematic faults.

  • System resilience was improved for all sub-systems, fault diagnosis capabilities were improved, and stakeholders were provided with higher quality monitoring and performance data to better manage their assets.

  • Access to Web-based system support tools was improved.




London Overground (RfL)



ELL Core Route


Programme Dates

August 2020