We deliver: 


Network Rail Training


Track Induction



Protection Controller

Controller of Site Safety

Engineering Supervisor

Level Crossing Attendant

Points Operator

D C Electrified Lines



Crane/Machine Controller 

Tandem Lift Initial

Small tools training (LU &NWR)

Temporary Rail Clamps Training Course


London Underground Training


Fire Watchperson

Basic Track Awareness (BTA)

LU - Individual Working Alone (IWA)

Worksite Management Workshop 

Protection Workers on the Track – EH&TH

Protection Workers on the Track – Train Movements (PWT-TM)

Protection Workers on the Track – Possession Worksite (PWT-PW)

Possession Controller

Track Trolley Controller

First Aid at Work

Manual Handling

Site person in charge Leadership course

Sharps Awareness

Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS)

Temporary Rail Clamps Training Course


Welding Technical Training

Aluminothermic welding – Thermit and Railtech

Manual metal arc welding and flux core wire welding

Weld inspection

Plant proficiency

Manual handling

Gas cutting

Gas safety





Skilled Trainers 


Pass Rate 

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Infrastructure Training Services Ltd (ITS) is accredited to deliver London Underground Ltd, Network Rail and railway specific safety training. 


Industry Leading Track Safety Training Provider 

At the heart of our corporate ethos and fundamental to our strategy for future growth is our commitment to train and retain multi-skilled, competent managers and operatives. We provide training not just for our own people but for the many other organisations. Our customers recognise our dedication to excellence in performance and commitment to providing educational opportunities.


Outsource Your Training

Our three modern training facilities are located in Kent, at our head office in London and at Northfields Estate Depot. Each offers hands-on guidance and tuition from highly experienced trainers.  Infrastructure Training Services provide accredited track and depot safety skills training for Network Rail, London Underground and light rail systems.

Our comprehensive training facilities include a life sized replicated tunnel rail section and platform to simulate on-site conditions. 


We value teamwork and personal accountability, advocate the continuous improvement of skills and knowledge, and promote higher standards of professionalism throughout the rail industry.


I.T.S is part of

the Cleshar Academy