Gunnersbury P2 Renewals

Cleshar acted as Principal Contractor for Network Rail on the works at Gunnersbury this was multidisciplinary in nature incorporating; track renewal, drainage, Conductor rail works, signalling installation, design for all aspects, Tamping and train-stops. This site is jointly operated by London Underground and London Overground bringing with it a greater degree of complexity to the design approval process. Cleshar provided CEM and CRE roles as part of the overall delivery package and delivered the design elements and management through GRIP stages 4 to 8 as required. The work was undertaken on two 52-hour weekends with Drainage taking place first followed the track renewal.

Scope of works
  • 150m of new drainage renewal on Gunnersbury platform 2

  • Gunnersbury Platform 2 - 138m length of dig with 200mm BSB, including 1 in 30 cross fall. Width circa 3.5m.

  • 138m Terratex geo-blanket.

  • 138m re-ballast (top and bottom stone).

  • 138m of new concrete sleeper panel installation, including new pots for 3rd and 4th conductor rails.

  • 138m re-rail.

  • Site welds.

  • Conductor rail works

  • Tamping.

  • Signalling design, installation and commissioning including Train Stops, PD’s and New signal heads






Gunnersbury Station

Contract Start and Completion

August 2014 - March 2015


Capital Works / Civils

In advance of the works negotiations were undertaken with local businesses to inform them of the planned works and to secure agreement with them to allow Cleshar to utilise their car parking facilities over the weekend blockade. Traffic planning was put in place to ensure that the car park space was utilised safely, and that access/egress did not adversely impact other road users, pedestrians, or neighbours.


Cleshar self-delivered the works except for the mainline tamper which was hired from an external source as was the excavating plant. Signalling work was undertaken by our signalling partner who we have worked extensively and have a strong professional relationship with preferring their services for this critical workload. All possession planning and safety arrangements were administered by Cleshar and production and approval of supporting paperwork, training and briefing formed a key part of our delivery plan


Design work included track alignment through a curved Island platform with DDA requirements presenting a particular challenge, drainage design, conductor rail design and signalling design work taking account testing and commissioning approvals also formed a part of the design approvals process. The main track renewal saw the site excavated to allow a minimum ballast depth of 200mm falling at 1:30 to the cess side. Terratex geotextile was installed, and the track comprised EG49 4R sleepers at 28 per 60’ length and UIC 54 FB rail with alternating thermic welded and fishplated joints. The track included 2 No 60’ shop glued IBJ’s all materials were managed by Cleshar, and Engineering train support and loading was facilitated through NDS in conjunction with our planning teams. Train planning was particularly important on this job as the Island platform required the setting up of single end feeding arrangements. The programme involved the careful sequencing of spoil removal machinery location and new material placement within a challenging time window.

Benefits / Project Outcome

Execution of the works involved both Client and Cleshar staff and a strong team ethic was encouraged and delivered. The works were delivered in full and show the marriage of knowledge, experience and attention to detail and the power of that combination in delivering track renewal works in complex Railway environments where access to the railway is at a premium.