Gloucester Road – South Kensington EB Piccadilly Line

Cleshar track maintenance/renewal gang CCS1 consisting of three PWT’s with one being a PWT supervisor denoted by the black hard hat (Marek Dovala), the gang also includes a track hand back, ten skilled plate layers and four plate layers The site where works is being undertaken is from Gloucester Road to South Kensington station on the EB Piccadilly line. This will consist of stabilisation of a spring loaded section of track (105m), re-railing (356m), re-alignment (350m) and track reconditioning works of 350m.

The gang are an experienced reconditioning team with various skilled disciplines that enable them to undertake the works above in a professional and safe manner, with that being said it will be a priority to achieve a beacon status award for the above site.

  1. Works are that of stabilisation works of the existing spring loaded track for track reconditioning works at Gloucester Road to South Kensington station on the EB Piccadilly line.

  2. It is mandatory practice for all staff to wear full orange PPE. You may note that two of the personnel have green hard hats. This denotes to all staff on track who are the first aiders with the first aid box being on site at all time should in case personnel require its use.

  3. Lead PWT Marek (black hard hat) instructing a plate layer in the safe practice of jacking up a rail in order to facilitate the breakout of this particular section of track (spring loaded). It is imperative to stabilise this section of track prior to the re-rail and reconditioning works due to the nature of this track, whereas traditionally the sleeper ends would be concreted in with the four foot clear, in the spring loaded section the reverse can be said thus leading to deflections at sleeper ends due to shingle only being in-situ.

  4. Concrete mixing being undertaken in order to secure sleeper ends of the spring loaded section.

  5. Concrete poured to first stage only as once reconditioning ensues this will be broken out again with the removal of the sleepers and installation of the clients (TDU) preferred install (Delkor base plates).