DLR Station Canopies Repair Programme

Following intrusive surveys and testing, there were concerns relating to corrosion and structural integrity of several structural columns supporting platform canopies/concourses at several DLR stations.


These issues may be a result of the circular hollow section columns being designed to convey water down to the sub-surface drainage system without provision of an appropriate steel protective coating system to protect against corrosion.

Scope of works

The objectives of this project were to prevent further exposure of structural columns being utilised as drainage elements at Beckton, Prince Regent, East India, and Poplar DLR stations. This was to be achieved by providing alternative means of drainage thus reducing the levels of maintenance expected.


This was carried out at Beckton, Prince Regent and Poplar rerouting of platform canopy drainage via new spigot in new opening within existing gutter and down new external vertical pipe fixed to structural column into new platform cross drain out falling into the existing platform drain and East India the drainage was rerouted from the mezzanine concourse level drainage through the connection of existing pipe to new external vertical pipe fixed to structural column and connect into existing subsurface outfall pipe.


Following these works we were instructed to carry out further investigatory and design and build works to remediate defective storm water management systems at Heron Quay, South Quay and Shadwell Stations.






Contract Start and Completion

January 2020 - June 2021


During the works at East India, additional drainage outlets were discovered that had not been previously identified that required fabrication and welding works.


Using our in-house engineers, we carried out desktop optioneering reports and provided conceptual design and engaged with our trusted supply chain to provide fabrication drawings and resolve the issue to keep within programme constraints.


Welding activities were carried out during traffic hours using innovative welding methods within tight spaces, whilst using protection and demarcation methods to ensure members of the public could continue to use the station services uninterrupted. 

Benfits / Project Outcome

The outcome of the project ensured any further corrosion of the structural columns is negated whilst allowing the DLR to easily access and maintain the rainwater systems. The drainage installation keeps with the DLR’s stations aesthetics without encroaching into passenger areas.