Four-Line Modernisation Programme

Cleshar installed a new Cable Route Management System - ahead of schedule and on budget - to accommodate a primary route for power, signalling and communication cables on the four LU lines of Met, Hammersmith & City, and District Lines (4LM). These lines are integral to the running of the LU network, accounting for 40% of all traffic.


Our Project Lead successfully brought together all stakeholders in relation to EH productivity, design validation and the procurement process to safely deliver this multi-disciplinary, complex civil engineering project. The project involved delivering works in complex junctions (Triangle Sidings), depots and train stabling areas which fully tested the abilities of our planning experts.




London Underground


SMA 5,6,7 and 13

Contract Start and Completion

November 2019 - December 2019

Scope of works

The CRMS installation consisted of hangers, cable post & trough routes including the various, complex UTX/OTX works across the network as to accommodate the proposed SMA5, SMA 6&7 and SMA13 cabling capacities.

  • To deliver the agreed 4LM CRMS benefits as early as possible, we agreed a phased project plan that divided the scope into multiple sections.

  • Cleshar conducted investigations of each section to establish the best installation approach utilising ‘TH’ opportunities and ‘24/7’ possession closures.

  • Cleshar established a Quality Assurance regime which ensured that all completed installations were passed first time by the LUL inspector teams. This regime included early-stage design validation, material utilisation and defect free installation, each of which was pivotal to the success of the project delivery.

Benefits / Project Outcome

Prior the works commencing, Cleshar had to survey the proposed CRMS routes and validate against the (4LM) LUL Engineering Designs to identify all project and construction associated risks (i.e., material take-off variances, AOC issues, constructability, logistics, heavily congested areas, etc.). All issues were addressed with immediately, ensuring programme and budgets targets were met.