Addiscombe Road Bridge

Addiscombe Road Bridge is a single span highway bridge spanning over twin tram tracks. It consists of 19 No. concrete encased, riveted steel or wrought iron girders supporting concrete transverse arch ribs and reinforced concrete (R.C.) slabs. The deck is supported on mass brick abutments via concrete capping slabs.


The skew span varies in length at each end; it is approximately 14.8m at the north end and 17.3m at the south end. The main girders span at a skew of 59°. Concrete arch ribs span between the encased inner girders with tie bars provided between them. R.C. slabs span between girders also.

The structure carries Addiscombe Road (A232 – part of the Transport for London Road Network, i.e. TfL are the Highways Authority for this road), Sandilands and

Ashburton Road (the London Borough of Croydon is the Highways Authority for these roads) over the Tramway between Sandilands and Addiscombe tram stops.

The scope of works was to waterproof the entire bridge deck.

Scope of the works



London Trams


Project Value

Circa £700,000


Contract Start and Completion

July 2019 -December 2019

Water ingress from the topside had damaged parts of the encasement concrete to the girders and had caused corrosion of the steelwork, the scope definition was to remediate this. Some of the work activities are detailed below:

  • Removal of all vegetation from the road side.

  • Removal / protection all existing services

  • Removal of all existing roadway surface, protecting all services

  • Excavation behind the abutment walls

  • Excavation within the service trough areas at both ends of the parapets

  • Carried out repairs to all exposed structure surfaces

  • Preparation of all surfaces for waterproof

  • Installation of subsurface drainage

  • Installation of drainage down pipes

  • Installation of waterproof membrane and coatings

  • Protection and sealing all services running through the bridge

  • Back fill and reinstatement of all services, subbase, and road materials including all signage and road markings.

  • Installation of VRS system and barriers along both parapet walls / pedestrian walkways

  • Preparation of the underside of the bridge surface / girders to receive protective coatings to substrate and repainting a multi-coats approved painting system.

Project achievements

Even though the blockade was extended due to the complicities of the utilities and associated excavations, the overall Project was a major success for all involved and provided immediate benefits to Trams and Croydon council as well as to the utility providers which will add future benefits to the community.