Prince Regent Station

Prince Regent Station is located in the Docklands area of east London and provides access to the eastern end of the ExCeL Exhibition Centre and ICC London.


An initial inspection, investigation and survey was carried out by a specialist consultant to understand the cause of drainage-related issues (resulting from ongoing corrosion of the underlying steel beams), and identified the following:

  • Drainage channels drain into the existing structural columns making it difficult to maintain

  • The waterproofing membrane under the pavement build-up has not been bonded at laps, leading to water tracking through jointing in structural precast panels


The bedding to paviors is being eroded by the passage of water through the joints, resulting in uneven surfacing


DLR sought to implement a permanent solution to these drainage issues at the station and replace the paving units on the concourse level, the objective of these works being:

  • To eradicate the existing drainage system insufficiencies and address issues related to the existing paving

  • To improve the maintainability of stations and stop the structural damage being caused by the current drainage deficiencies

  • To aid the resilience and integrity of DLR station assets

  • To reduce possible delays or interruptions to the service that might be caused by station closures

  • To improve the station asset life

  • To reduce the risk of a full or partial station closure

  • To advance the visual appearance of those assets that are client facing

Cleshar is responsible for undertaking the works in two sections.






Project Value



Contract Start and Completion

June 2018 - October 2018

Section 1
  • Installation of the new general drainage system on the underside of the concourse structural deck and below ground drainage systems

  • Replacement of the existing waterproofing system, and installing a new proprietary Aco system

  • Replacement of the existing reinforced paving slabs with new flag paving with a rigid bound construction

  • Installation of a series of rainwater pipes to the underside of the concourse structural deck that connects the channel outlets to vertical rainwater pipes.

  • Fixing the new vertical rainwater pipes to the structural columns in various locations.

Section 2
  • Removal and replacement of existing sheet membrane system with liquid applied waterproofing membrane, which will be applied directly to the existing in-situ topping to the precast concrete deck structure beneath the new flag paving

  • Replacement of perimeter drainage with a proprietary Aco system, consisting of a stainless steel channel with a stainless steel grating

  • At the northern end of concourse, the rainwater run-off will discharge to the existing below ground drainage within the underlying pavement area

  • New vertical rainwater at the base of the structural column will connect into an existing manhole.