Prittlewell Footbridge Refurbishment

Prittlewell Railway Station is on the Shenfield to Southend Line, serving the residential district of Prittlewell in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and lying just one mile north of the town centre. The station is a two-platform category E station with an open footbridge linking the two platforms. This section of the rail network is electrified with overhead lines. There are commercial and residential properties within 25m of the station.

The existing footbridge has been identified as being subject to extensive defects beyond reasonable repair, and a new footbridge is required to retain access between platforms. The existing footbridge is still currently open to the public and will be removed on installation of the new footbridge.


The existing footbridge has a single span lattice web girder deck, with a staircase at each end, supported on trestle towers. Luminaires are present to each top landing. Services are present across the running lines within cable containment trays fixed to the external faces of the structure.

Potential hazards:

  • Buried services

  • Contaminated land

  • All platform fill material to be regarded as contaminated. 




Abellio Greater Anglia


Rochford Railway Station

Project Value

Circa £600,000


Contract Start and Completion

February 2018 -October 2018

Scope of the works

Cleshar was appointed as Principal Contractor to undertake the following works:

  • Non-intrusive surveys and intrusive surveys

  • Removal of the existing footbridge

  • Installation of new footbridge approx. 50m from the existing footbridge, 3m from the nearest existing OLE gantry, min 660mm clearance from OLE catenary wires (with six foundation pads)

  • Partial/local demolition of existing brickwork walls

  • Construction of new retaining walls

  • Removal of existing lighting columns and replacement with new to illuminate new footbridge

  • Diversion of existing services and realignment of drainage

  • Local resurfacing of platforms

  • Ancillary civils works, including replacement/ realignment of drainage, local resurfacing of the platform in the area of the proposed footbridge, new kerbs and fencing and construction of new cable draw pits.

  • Traction bonding of the new metallic footbridge to the nearest running rail


The station remained fully operational through the completion of the works as pedestrians, staff and other railway users will have access to the full length of platforms. However, an exemption will occur when a possession is taking place on site.

Possessions and Isolations

Substantial isolation and possessions are required to carry out these works – to remove existing footbridge and install new.

Cleshar was responsible for arranging and managing its own possessions and isolations for the works and providing the necessary SSoW.

Cleshar to ensure that there is no risk of material coming into contact with P-Way.

Works will be carried out during four possessions in January and February 2018, isolation of the over the track and OLE will be required during these possessions.

When are the possessions? Week 42, 43, 44, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 – all 52-hours