Beckton Depot Shed Extension

Cleshar was appointed as principal contractor to construct a 30m x 35m extension to the existing maintenance shed. The works would allow the introduction of longer three-car length trains to the service, providing greater capacity, reducing crowding on the route and allowing passengers to board the first train available.

Works involved extending the depot shed, stripping out the existing track fan to the east of the depot and laying a new ballasted track design. Based on the customer’s design, the tracks within the depot extension were installed on raised in situ concrete plinths to the light duty area and track slab for the heavy duty maintenance area.

A double height 90m length steel gantry was also installed to the full length of the existing and new depot for accessing the roof and door level trains stabled in road 4.

The vicinity of the works to the operational depot made this project both technically and physically challenging both from a health and safety and coordination/planning perspective. All works were carried out while ensuring that train maintenance works were unaffected, and with all new services tied in with the existing operational systems.

Project at a glance



Docklands Light Railway

Project Value

Circa £8.5 Million


Contract Start and Completion

March 2014 -April 2015

  • Existing track fan strip out

  • Construction of the new extension

  • Mechanical and Electrical works

  • DC traction works, including new

  • DC contactors and isolators

  • Signalling interface works

  • Installation of a new track fan and conductor rails