Barnham S&C

Cleshar were awarded the contract to renew 1011 Switch & Stock rails with timbers, replace 1010/1011 Bearers & Common crossing, and completely renew switches and back timbers of 1010 points.

Scope of works
  • Heavy refurbishment over 3 x 27-hour possessions – After taking possession and setting up work sites it was down to 24-hour worksites.

  • Job 1 – Dig out and change all timbers through Points 1011 without any S&T to strip down switches. Approx. 32 timbers changed and only kango packed – No Tamper

  • Job 2 – Dig out from Diamond to back of 1010/1011 turnouts and replace 16 x 8m timbers with a 17m common crossing. Kango packed – No Tamper

  • Job 3 – Dig out and replace complete 1010 points with completely new S&T equipment – change approx. 37 timbers changed including 8m timbers – 1 pass with tamper through complete junction





Barnham Station

Contract Start and Completion